from digital back to analog

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from digital back to analog

A small print series called “from digital back to analog”
First a processing script was coded and then the code was
transformed into a analog output – via potato print
the script and the processing images can be found on my flickr page
The whole work is a part of my current printing course at fines arts university Porto
pixelcrash flickr

3 replies on “from digital back to analog

Matthias Jäger Says:

nice idea! how was the transformation exactly? did you laser cut the potatoes, or what?

Georg Kettele Says:

lasercut – i am in portugal it was already quite hard to get the potatoes. which my own two hands and a knife I created 4 circled potatoes and printed always CYAN MAGENTA YELLOW BLACK with acryl paint – same as the processing script.

Matthias Jäger Says:

haha i understand

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